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Our Story

I was born in Oklahoma City and started fishing as a young child, casting bobbers and minnows on local farm ponds with my grandfather. My passion for fly-fishing started during a summer camping trip on a tailwater trout stream. I was more than likely fishing with corn on a spinning rod and noticed an older gentlemen standing in the river catching trout after trout using a fly rod. I was fascinated and decided that was going to be my new goal…..learn how to fly fish. The following year on our summer camping trip, my grandfather passed down his old bamboo fly rod and the rest was history.


After high school, I worked at the local fly shop and shortly began guiding for trout and small mouth bass. My first experience saltwater fly-fishing began on a vacation with my lovely wife to be in Cancun. I will never forget riding out on the panga in the pitch black skies with my girl and I bouncing all over the boat in the swell.. Needless to say, It left in impression that never ended. During my time at the fly shop, I began hosting trips to Mexico and the Bahamas and honed my skills catching bonefish and permit. I have since created multiple patterns for permit and bonefish that are now commercially available through Rainyʼs flies.


A few years later, I married my wife barefoot on the beach in Cozumel, Mexico. We spent many hours together on the flats with a local guide. Fast forward to early 2005, we decided to pack up our lives and move our family to Sarasota, FL. I spent the first year learning and exploring the waters from Charlotte Harbor to lower Tampa Bay. I received my captains license in 2006 and have been guiding anglers on the flats ever since. I've been push poling the waters here for 17 years now, mostly stalking tarpon, redfish and snook with flies and I greatly appreciate the support of all my clients and family for allowing me to do so.


The waters on the gulf coast are very diverse and special. We have a year round fishery for redfish and snook, and tarpon season can be from late March through mid August depending on weather and water temperature. Given my choice, if the water temp is over 70 degrees, you can guarantee tarpon will be on my mind. The winter low tides and clear water are some of my favorite times to chose tailing redfish and laid up snook. Long cast are often necessary as the water is clear and the fish are on guard. Speaking about casting, this is not the place for a beginner unless you don't mind blind casting for lady fish and speckled trout. I prefer to sight fish the shallow waters which requires both patience and skill. If your not comfortable casting 40-50ft, I highly suggest a casting lesson or two before your charter. I strictly use a push pole as I believe this is the best way to approach gamefish in shallow water. You will not find a trolling motor on my boat.


If you enjoy spending time hunting fish, sight casting to cruising tarpon, and the view of redfish tails on the horizon, I am your guide. Captain Colby Hane

Captain Colby Hane

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